Riley Post

Riley Post

2022 Winner
Mayo Akinbo

Mayo Akinbo

Jacobsen/GSS Award for Research Imagery
Winter Philibert

Winter Philibert

Honorable Mention
Kassie Baron

Kassie Baron

2022 People's Choice

2022 Finalists

Mayo Akinbo, Immunology PhD - TIM3 on DCs Helps Fight Viruses

Kassie Baron, English PhD - The Difference a Mill Girl Makes

Berkley Conner, Rhetoric, Culture & Engagement PhD, Containing Menstruation - "Protecting" the Nation

Jace Heath, Immunology PhD - An investigation into the post-thymic regulation and function of the CD5 co-receptor in T cells

Amanda Heiderscheit, Immunology PhD - A novel biomarker for chronic kidney disease: C3 glomerulopathy

Tahsin Khataei, Health & Human Physiology - No Pain No Gain" vs "All Pain No Gain

Vingie Ng, Human Toxicology PhD - Vaping vs. Asthma: Smoking without the Smoke

Winter Philibert, Biomedical Engineering PhD - Nitric Oxide: A Key to New Respiratory Disease Treatments

Riley Post, Civil Engineering PhD - Can Little Ponds Fight Big Floods?

Nimesh Pasan Ranasinghe, Chemistry PhD - Membrane Science: A solution for major global challenges

Austin Santhin, Immunology PhD - Vaccines from Trees: You'll be saying "Yes Please!"

Piyumi Wijesirigunawardana, Organic Chemistry PhD - Investigating a cure for Alzheimer's

Konna Zoga, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering - Thermal treatment of biofilm infections: the next step


2021 Finalists

Amanda Bullert, Occupational and Environmental Health, From the Window, From the Wall, to the Brain

Andrea Malek Ash, Teaching and Learning - Science Education, Measuring Invisibl Things

Levi Kirby, Industrial Engineering, Protecting Those, Protecting Us: A 3D Printing Approach to Safer Explosives

Darcy Diesburg, Psychology, Beta Bursts: Signatures of Our Brain's Braking System

Hannah Zadeh, Sociology, The Genealogy of Racialized Method: eGFR as Case Study

Emily Steinbach, Free Radical and Radiation Biology, Unfiltered Topics: Long-Term Kidney Toxicity In Pediatric Cancer Survivors and Novel Therapeutic Intervention

Ellen Upton, Immunology, The Role of ISG15 in Cellular Protection from Pathogens

Jeehan Malik, Computer Science, How do vulnerable road users respond to traffic safety information presented to them through technology?

Bethanny Sudibyo, Spanish, Imperial Imaginings: Representations of Religion, Race, and Gender in 19th Century Spanish-Philippine Novels

Yuehong (Cassandra) Tai, Political Science, Pandemic vs. Vaccine Hesitancy: Trust Matters

Andrew Voigt, Biomedical Science - Molecular Medicine, Location, Location, Location: What Makes the Macular Retina Unique?

Emily Schmitz

Emily V. Schmitz

Winner & People's Choice
Parham Parnian

Parham Parian

Honorable Mention
Matthew Nagorzanski

Matthew Nagorzanski

Honorable Mention
Moala Keshei (Bannavti) - 3MT

Moala Keshei (Bannavti)

Winner & People's Choice
Elmira Jangjou - 3MT

Elmira Jangjou

Honorable Mention
Mariam El-Hattab - 3MT

Mariam El-Hattab

People's Choice
Clarissa Shaw -3MT

Clarissa Shaw

Honorable Mention

2020 Finalists

Maggie Carolan, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Surveying Radium in Iowa Private Drinking Water Wells

Ivy Debreceni, Immunology, Determining early signals that lead to Sjögren Syndrome

Nyema M. Harmon, Chemistry, Switching on the Lights Within Cells

Megan Lindmark, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Hey Siri, How’s My Water quality? Smart Drinking Water Systems for Central America

Alyssa Mianecki, Civil & Environmental Engineering, The Story of Toilets, Fish, Spiders, and People: Finding the Chemicals That Impact Hormones

Stephanie Peterson, Immunology, A Fructose Rich Diet May Impact Disease by Influencing the Gut Microbiome

Runqing Qi, Second Language Acquisition, An Instructional Model for Reading Authentic Chinese Texts

Megan Small, Music, A Song Unsung: The Music of Water Ballet

Kody Waldstein, Immunology, Mutations and Viruses: Small Changes with Deadly Results

Thapelo Whitfield, Psychological & Quantitative Foundations, Differential Item Functioning Analysis of Campus Climate Survey Data

Emily Wieder, French & Francophone World Studies, Being, Seeming, Resisting: Claude Cahun

2019 Finalists

Rasheid Smith, Pharmacy, Cancer Immunotherapy: A Viral Approach

Barbara Kagima, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, Geographic Health Disparities: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Claire Muerdter, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Pollution Processing by Vegetation: Protecting Water, Food, and Environmental Quality

Haydar Al-Jaafari, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Biofilm Elimination on Biomedical Devices

Hannah Molitor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, From Toxic to Tasty: Nutritious Algal Protein from Waste

Murphy Keller, Immunology, Infection Hijacks Cellular Communication

Nazmin Akter EtiHuman Toxicology, Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB), Fish Consumption, and Miscarriages: An Untold Story

Hadley Galbraith, French and Italian, Bigidi and Re-Creating the Memory of Survival: Resisting Slavery in Literature, Film, and Performance

Vahid Eghbal Akhlaghi, Business Analytics, Fuel Distribution Planning for Disasters on Islands

2019 3MT Showcase

Mackenzie Spicer

People's Choice & Honorable Mention

Enrico Bruno

Honorable Mention

Tianlu Zhang

2018 Winner

Muhammad Rahman

Honorable Mention

Oronde Drakes

People's Choice

Tim Acri

Honorable Mention

2018 Finalists

Hannah Campbell, Biochemistry, Cells That Work Together, Stay Together

Amanda Mollet, Educational Policy and Leadership Studies (Higher Education & Student Affairs), “Being invisible isn’t a privilege”: Examining Asexual Identity Development

Asif Rahman, Geography, Social Vulnerability to River Floods in the U.S.

Miriam Janechek, English, Children's Literature and Belief: A 19th-Century Focus

Brandon MacDougall, Geography, Camera Trapping For Urban Biodiversity Conservation

Melissa Airy, Art & Art History, An Artistic Depiction: The Power of Community on Pilgrimage

2018 3MT Showcase

2017 Finalists

Ali Al-JumailiPharmacy (Pharmaceutical Socioeconomics)

Anh-Vu Do, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Behnoush Khorsand, Pharmaceutics and Translational Therapeutics

Brandon MacDougall, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences 

Caitlin Marley, Classics

Emily Malcolm, Biochemistry

Eric Emmons, Neuroscience

Ernane Souza, Pharmacy (Medicinal & Natural Prod Chem)

Jessica Gregson, Microbiology

Lalita OonthonpanBiochemistry

Lucas Bon DurantMolecular and Cellular Biology

2017 3MT Showcase

Sharon Idiga

Winner & People's Choice

Katherine Perschbacher

Honorable Mention

Rawa Alammari

Honorable Mention

Kristen Stoner

Fall 2016 Winner

Kawther Ahmed

Spring 2016 Winner

Spring 2016 Finalists

Amber Bates, Methods to Study Inflammation in the Mouth

Caitlin Cosme, The Role of the Insular Cortex in Cocaine Relapse

Sebastian De Pascuale, Voyage of the Van Allen Probes on the Shore of Space

Michael Freedberg, Reward, Punishment, and Skill Acquisition

Richard Ligo, The Mobius Energy of Weighted Knots

Katherine Peter, Nanomaterial-Enabled Drinking Water Treatment Technologies

Allison Songstad, The Vision to Cure Blindness

Shiyi Wang, Preventing Suicide by Understanding Brain Disorders

Crystal Wotipka, Embracing the Screen of Mediated Environments: An Exploration of the Buffer Effect's Role in Communication Surrounding Transgressions

Fall 2016 Finalists

Anh-Vu Do, Using Ultrasound to Enhance Tumor Cell Killing

Vijay Permeswaran, Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Magdalene Ameka, Lose the Weight by Ignoring the Fat

Laura Kuhlman, The Beat Goes On: Women Writers of the Beat Generation

Erica Ricker, Implant Infection Mitigation

Madhur Joshi, Access to Aza-heterocycles: Key to a Better Future

Ali Al-Jumaili, Towards a Better Work System in Nursing Homes

Ying Hsu, What Happens When Elevators Break Down in Photoreceptor Cells?

Kareem Ebeid, Targeted Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment

Tim Chung, Will it Rupture?

Kathryn Brightbill, Explaining Analyst Bias: Uncertainty & Time

Rachel Anderson, The Effects of Chronic Corticosterone on the Female Rodent Brain

Sara Knox, How Helpful Are Specific Techniques in Online Counseling?

Suvendra Vijayan, Accuracy and Reliability of Using Bio 3D Printed Prostheses

Nyla Balakrishnan, Integration of Oral Health and Chronic Diseases