Page Wilkinson

SLIS Students Receive Academic Enrichment Award

Nancy Henke and Paige Wilkinson were the recipients of the award, based on an essay application and ratings from library supervisors.
Jennifer Jordan

Innovating Iowa City’s composting program

Iowa alumna Jennifer Jordan’s exuberance for conservation continues to shape Iowa City's municipal waste and resource management.
Hannah Bonner

Bridging a passion for writing and experimental film

Through her poetry, prose, and study of experimental film, Hannah Bonner has carved her own unique place in the eclectic arts community of Iowa City.
Headshot photo of Catherine Fillebrown

Technology-based Chinese language learning

Catherine Fillebrown returned to the University of Iowa to complete her thesis on the effectiveness of her comprehensive Chinese language learning website.
Headshot photo of Robles-Muñoz

Exploring fulfilling work in the speech-language pathology field

Speech-Language Pathology graduate student, Bianca Robles-Muñoz, exemplifies the importance of community, diversity, and inclusion while exploring the SLP career field.
Headshot photo of Dr. Green

SLIS welcomes new Director

The School of Library and Information Science welcomes Dr. Lucy Santos Green as the next Director.
Leia Belt

Making data and stories accessible in new ways

Doctoral candidate Leia Belt has taken an interdisciplinary approach to comparing Black maternal mortality and infant mortality with Black residents’ poverty rates.
Alex Petrucci

An aim to better understand the unexpected

Petrucci’s research at Iowa explores sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP)—deaths in people with epilepsy that are not caused by injury, drowning, or other known causes.
Headshot of Matanji

Building sustainable research through community engagement

Doctoral students, Yuchen Liu and Frankline Matanji, share the impact they are making with communities through their work with the Graduate Engagement Corps.
Group photo from the IWP's Spring 2022 Residency Program

Graduate College programs excel in 2021-2022

The International Writing Program’s (IWP) biggest achievement in 2021 was being the first in-person site for cultural exchanges in the United States.