Outline of Procedures for Approval of Graduate Programs In Interdisciplinary Studies (Master's and Doctorate)

Program Degree(s) offered
Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences Ph.D.
Genetics Ph.D.
Human Toxicology M.S., Ph.D.
Immunology Ph.D.
Informatics Certificate, M.S.*, Ph.D.
Interdisciplinary Studies M.A.*, M.F.A., M.S.*, Ph.D.
Molecular Medicine Ph.D.3
Neuroscience Ph.D.
Sustainable Development M.S.*

* Department offers both a program with thesis and a prescribed program without thesis.
1 Non-thesis degree.
2 Student entry suspended.
3 Student entry suspended. While direct entry into a number of the Biomedical Science programs has been suspended, entry into the ‘umbrella’ Biomedical Science Program culminates with a PhD granted in Biomedical Science and an affiliated biomedical science area—for example, a PhD in Biomedical Science with a subprogram of Pharmacology. Please see the Biomedical Science Program for more information.