Timothy Acri

Honorable Mention
Bone Tissue Engineering: A Gene Delivery Approach

Timothy is driven towards tissue engineering because it combines his passion for engineering with his love of medicine. On this path, he received his BLA degree in biochemistry from Augustana College in 2016 and is currently working towards a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics under the guidance of Dr. Kyungsup Shin and Dr. Aliasger Salem. The main focus of his research is on tissue engineering where he develops gene-activated scaffolds for bony tissue regeneration. His goal is to replace the need for bone auto grafts with synthetic materials thus eliminating the side effects associated with the second surgery site. When he is outside of the lab, Timothy remodels his home, plays board games with friends, and writes at a coffee shop. He also loves exploring new things, such as computer programming, traveling, or the occasional entrepreneurial opportunity.

Timothy Acri
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