Thank you for your interest in admission to the University of Iowa. 

With programs in over 100 areas of study, spanning the Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering, Education, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Business, the University of Iowa likely has a graduate program to fit your needs.

Undergraduate-to-graduate (U2G) programs are an important part of the UI landscape. These programs provide students with the opportunity to complete two degrees, a bachelor's and a master's, in five years instead of six.

The Graduate College provides a wide variety of financial assistance to help master’s and doctoral students meet their educational, living, and professional development expenses. Graduate teaching and research assistant appointments, employment terms, benefits, and conditions are governed by a Graduate Assistant Employment agreement.

Whether your goal is a career in academe, industry, government, or elsewhere, professional development can expand your options and make you more marketable to employers.

The Graduate College is committed to providing an inclusive educational experience for graduate students while helping them figure out campus and graduate life.