Grad Success Workshops

The Graduate Success Center offers workshops that can be requested by University of Iowa graduate student groups, faculty, departments, or other campus organizations. These workshops can be a productive addition to orientations, seminars, courses, research group meetings, etc. to introduce students to the basics of professional and career development topics. See the offered workshops below.

Please schedule 2-3 weeks in advance. Also, please note that most workshops can be requested to be in-person or virtual, depending on the request and facilitator(s) assigned. 

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Don't Cancel Class

Instead of cancelling class, have a Grad Success member introduce the services that the Grad Success Center offers, including our career development and fellowship advising services, as well as the programs offered by our Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CITRL). This session is subject to availability.

one bar - engagement level

Let us know the date, time & duration of your class to schedule this 20-minute "Don't Cancel Class" workshop.


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Engagement Levels

one bar - engagement level
 Webinar-style workshop with a few activities 
two bar - engagement level
Consist of some engagement including using the chat & brief discussions 

three bar - engagement level
High engagement in breakout groups, discussions, and interactive activities

For Faculty

Bring us to your faculty meeting for a 15 minute overview IDPs and professional development resources to support your students.

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Career Planning & Preparation

2 bar - engagement level


Take the first steps in learning how to explore careers after your graduate degree.


1 bar - engagement level


Learn to craft materials that highlight your strengths and meet employer needs. 

two bar - engagement level


Learn to build your digital profile and use job agents to job agents to streamline your search. 

three bar - engagement level


Hone this essential skill for career growth with a fun and active session.

Funding Your Research

two bar - engagement level

 Learn where to find funding as a grad student. Learn strategies to find funders that fit your research and project goals.

three bar - engagement level

Learn to “think like a reviewer” in this workshop, where you will use targeted opportunities and begin to think about your project narrative, methods, justification, and fit with the funder.

Navigating Grad School

two bar - engagement level

This session explores how to use an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to stay on track, communicate with your advisor, and understand your skills, interests, and values. 

two bar - engagement level

Time management is a critical part of graduate school but looks different for all of us. Learn strategies and plan with peers in this student-centered session.

three bar - engagement level

What should you expect from grad school mentors? What do they expect from you?” This session introduces approaches for effective communication and healthy relationship maintenance in a multiple mentoring models.