Grad Success Workshops

The Graduate Success Center offers workshops that can be requested by University of Iowa graduate students groups, faculty, departments, or other campus organizations. These workshops can be a productive addition to orientations, seminars, courses, research group meetings, etc. to introduce students to the basics of professional and career development topics. See the offered workshops below.

(Please schedule 2-3 weeks in advance.)

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Don't Cancel Class

Instead of cancelling class, have a Grad Success member introduce the services that the Grad Success Center offers, including our career development and fellowship advising services, as well as the programs offered by our Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CITRL). This session is subject to availability.

Let us know the date, time, & duration of your class to schedule our "Don't Cancel Class" workshop

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Navigating Grad School

This session explores how to use an Individual Development Plans (IDP) to stay on track, communicate with your advisor, and understand your skills, interests, and values. 

This series will guide participants through the process of developing an Individual Development Plan (IDP), an adaptive roadmap for their graduate school experience and beyond. The first session in this series will help participants to understand their own strengths, interests, and values and will introduce them to a professional planning framework (ImaginePhD for Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts students and MyIDP for STEM and Biomedical students). During the second session, participants will explore a variety of different resources and opportunities both inside and outside of the university and will start to plot out their graduate pathway. The final session will cover working with multiple mentors, preparing for a variety of career pathways, and making your IDP work for you as your interests, goals, and needs evolve over the course of your graduate education and beyond.

Career Planning & Preparation

Learn about the broad range of careers available to PhDs and get useful strategies for connecting with people you don’t know. Students in this workshop will use self-assessments and partner discussion to identify target career sectors for additional exploration. 

Develop effective materials for job searches beyond academia. This workshop will discuss the structure, writing style, and tone characteristics common to successful application materials. 

Funding Your Research

Students will learn the basics of where to look for grants, how to craft a persuasive proposal, and how to “think like a reviewer.” Please specify STEM (NIH/NSF type opportunities covered) or humanities/social sciences (ACLS/Mellon type opportunities covered). 

This three-workshop series will cover types of funding, finding funding opportunities, developing a research plan and project budget, and developing strong application materials. The first session will offer and overview of funding and introduce participants to the funding databases. In the second session, participants will outline their projects, develop budgets, and learn about basic strategies for grant and fellowship research. During the final session, participants will have the opportunity to workshop their proposals, getting feedback from their peers. Participants are recommended to bring a laptop or tablet to the sessions (or for the sessions to be scheduled in a computer lab) to facilitate full participation.

Teaching & Research

Learn how to integrate your research skills into your teaching and become a more reflective teacher by earning nationally-recognized, micro certifications through the national Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network.

This highly interactive series will walk students through the process of refining and communicating their research for a variety of audiences. The perfect preparation for the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, interviews, or networking at conferences. Each session will include a variety of activities drawn from improv and public speaking training and will give students plenty of opportunities to distill their research, practice their pitch, and hone their communication skills.

For Faculty

Bring us to your faculty meeting for a 15 minute overview IDPs and professional development resources to support your students.