Murphy Keller

Infection Hijacks Cellular Communication

Murphy is a fourth-year graduate student in the Interdisciplinary Immunology Training Program at the University of Iowa who completed their B.S. in Biology at the University of Missouri. Murphy works in the lab of Dr. Mary Wilson, with a focus on the role of exosomes in Leishmaniasis, a potential method by which the parasite could cause symptoms in patients. The goal of this work is to uncover new targets for treating Visceral Leishmaniasis, a neglected tropical disease which causes over 20,000 deaths annually. Outside of lab, Murphy enjoys biking, participating in the University’s swing dancing club, and playing table-top RPG’s with friends. Murphy also volunteers with the campus museums and Iowa Science Booster Club promoting science communication and outreach, topics they would like to continue to pursue following grad school.

Murphy Keller