Maaz Musa

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Unveiling the Digital Veil: Empowering Transparency and Accountability in Online Privacy

Maaz Bin Musa is an emerging researcher specializing in the development of frameworks aimed at measuring transparency and accountability in the digital realm. He is currently under the guidance of Dr. Rishab Nithyanand in his research pursuits. 

Maaz pursued his undergraduate studies at FAST University in his hometown, Lahore, Pakistan. His decision to start a Ph.D. stems from a deep-seated passion for both learning and teaching, making it a natural progression in his academic career. The importance of his research has become increasingly evident in recent years, especially given the heightened concerns surrounding privacy in the online world, where a lack of privacy can have severe consequences such as discrimination / harassment. 

Beyond his research he maintains strong connections with his family in Iowa City (his wife and friends) and back in Pakistan, which includes his parents, three sisters, and a tightly-knit group of friends who are as close as family. His off-duty interests encompass a wide range of activities, including cooking Pakistani food, a current interest in swimming and squash etc.. Additionally, Maaz grew up in the world of anime, with a special attachment with the character Naruto, whose influence is a discernible aspect of his personality. 

Maaz Musa
Computer Science