If you need technical support, please contact grad-help@uiowa.edu, the Extended Technical Support consultant assigned to your unit, or try a quick chat with the ITS helpdesk at this link: https://helpdesk.its.uiowa.edu/connect.  A list of the current ETS consultants is available on this page: https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/2697.

For web-related (SiteNow/Drupal) assistance, please contact John Riehl (john-riehl@uiowa.edu) or Makur Jain (makur-jain@uiowa.edu).

All other IT-related inquiries should go to Andy Jenkins (andrew-jenkins@uiowa.edu).

Additional Resources

Remote Desktop

  1. DIY - use the PowerUp tool to remotely start your Windows desktop machine at work
  2. VPN - remotely connect to campus network to access home drive or other on-campus resources
  3. Open Remote Desktop Connection on your home computer and type in the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of your work computer (ex: grad-s002.iowa.uiowa.edu)

Web Services

The Graduate College provides support for Drupal-based websites for associated departments and programs. Each department or program is entitled to at least one website. Additional sites will need to be approved on a case-by-case basis.

What type of support is provided?

  • Provisioning and setup of your website.
  • Custom functionality, as support capacity allows.
  • Training on the use for the U of I Drupal platform.
  • We may be able to assist with content as time allows.

What we expect of our site owners

  • Content editing - you are are the content owner and are responsible for its creation and keeping it up-to-date. We may be able to assist in a crunch, but you should plan on having the resources available to manage content within your own organization.
  • User management - Each site should have at least one person within the organization who is assigned to the "Webmaster" role. This person has the ability to add and remove users from from other available roles, such as "Content editor," and "Publisher."

Why are you not able to fulfill my support request?

The web services team is currently engaged in an effort to migrate all Drupal 7 sites into the Drupal 8/9 platform. This is a very labor-intensive process that takes up a lot of the available time we might normally have to provide more support. If your request is for tasks related to what you are expected to be able to handle, we will likely respond with an offer of clarification about how the task can be completed or additional training. If your request is for custom functionality, we will add it to our backlog of work and prioritize it as we have the capacity to do so. Mission critical requests will get higher priority.