Sarina Murray

What does Michael Myers from the Halloween film and Uveal Melanoma have in common?

Sarina is a fourth-year Cancer Biology PhD candidate under the mentorship of Drs. Adam Dupuy and Christopher Stipp. Sarina’s thesis work focuses on understanding the mechanism of resistance to target therapies in Uveal Melanoma. She graduated from Lincoln University of PA in May 2020, earning a B.S. in Biology. During her time at Lincoln, she completed three summer research internships, one being at the University of Iowa, which built her foundation and passion for scientific research. Sarina decided to study cancer biology to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families with optimal treatment options and educate her community on the importance of a healthy lifestyle for cancer prevention. When not in the lab, Sarina enjoys playing with her dog, trying new restaurants, traveling, and at home relaxing.

Sarina Murray
Biomedical Science - Cancer Biology