Members Affiliation
Logan Moore Student– Anthropology (GSS delegate)
Chase Fuller Student – Physics (GSS delegate)
Arinze Okoye Student – Mechanical Engineering (GSS delegate)
Caleb Klipowicz Student - Anthropology (COGS delegate)
Hammad Mazhar Student - Computer Science (COGS delegate)
Hannah Zadeh Student - Sociology (COGS delegate)
Rasika Mukkamala Student - Health Management and Policy (GPSG delegate)
William Osei-Aborah Student - French and Francophone World Studies (GPSG delegate)
Khyathi Gadag Student - Health Management and Policy (GPSG delegate)
Ned Bowden Faculty – Chemistry
Anita Jung Faculty – Art & Art History
Nicole States Ex officio – Graduate Student Senate
Amber Crow Ex officio – Graduate & Professional Student Government
Shelly Campo (co-chair) Ex officio – Graduate College
Todd Rent (co-chair) Ex officio – Human Resources
Tanesha Herman Ex officio – Graduate College, Human Relations Director