Levi Kirby

Protecting Those, Protecting Us: A 3D Printing Approach to Safer Explosives

Levi Kirby is a 3rd year Ph.D. student pursuing a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Under Dr. Xuan Song, his research is focused on additive manufacturing which has ranged from binder jetting of highly dense ceramics, piezo-electric printing of energetic materials, and digital light processing of complex ceramic structures. Such work has potential of being applied in strengthening aircraft and improving combustible or explosive safety and performance. Prior to the University of Iowa, Levi received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Engineering Technology from Western Illinois University, close to where he grew up. Post graduation, he aspires to obtain employment as a professor at a 4-year institution. In a position as such, he feels he can have a great impact on influencing students, whether uncertain of a direction in life or driven by similar passions. Outside of school related pursuits, he enjoys most outdoor activities such as riding four-wheelers or fishing, playing basketball, and spending time back home with family and friends.

Levi Kirby
Industrial Engineering