Konna Zoga

Thermal treatment of biofilm infections: the next step

Konna Zoga, which is short for Paraskevi Konstantina Zoga, is a Ph.D. candidate in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering. She was born and raised in Athens, Greece but studied in University of Patras, Greece where she graduated with a five-year joint degree (Bsc & Master) in Chemical Engineering. During her undergraduate studies, through her experiences as research assistant and industrial intern, she got fascinated with the idea of chemical engineering leading to such a broad spectrum of applications and professional paths. Since then, her goal was to find a way to combine the principles of engineering, her interest in hands-on projects, and inclination towards research and especially biotechnology. That led her to Professor Eric Nuxoll’s research group where her research focuses on the in vivo models for the thermal treatment of bacterial infections on medical implants. Outside of the lab, Konna serves as grad ambassador in the DEI council as well as in the Website & Outreach Committee of the CBE department. Also, she recently joined the UI Office of Innovation as an Innovation & Leadership Fellow. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, exploring Iowa’s nature and taking care of her plants.

Konna Zoga
Athens, Greece
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering