Articles from August 2021

Amanda Thein

Introducing Amanda Thein, Associate Provost for Graduate & Professional Education

An introduction to Amanda Haertling Thein, Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Education and Dean of the Graduate College.
Ebenezer Adeyemi

Identifying Advocacy Methods for Marginalized Communities

Ebenezer Adeyemi, a PhD candidate in anthropology, is analyzing how people in marginalized communities can effectively advocate for resources.
Ariel Kershner

Studying Categorical Cuing with Coffee Mugs

Imagine that today, you’re making a cup of coffee, and you reach for a white mug. When you make another cup of coffee tomorrow, will you be quicker to find a clean mug if it’s white as well? One morning, Ariel Kershner grabbed a coffee mug, and that question popped into her head.