Articles from November 2020

Adrienne Miller, planner and economic development specialist for the City of Waterloo, leads the University of Iowa visitors on the bike tour through the Church Row neighborhood.

Grad students pursue wide range of initiatives in IISC partnership

Iowa students and faculty are partnering with the City of Waterloo to advance a wide range of initiatives supporting local sustainability.
Banu Gumusoglu

Doctoral studies recognized with Montgomery Dissertation Prize

Montgomery Prize winner Serena (Banu) Gumusoglu's research determined that inflammation and dysfunction during pregnancy shapes offspring brain development.
Samuel Brensinger

Mathematician proposes new theory of gravity

Samuel Brensinger was recognized with the Spriestersbach Prize for his dissertation describing Projective Gauge Gravity.
Brett Bahle

Psychologist keeps his eyes on attention

Spriestersbach Prize winner Brett Bahle is studying attention and memory through visual search tasks with the eyes.
Alaine Reschke Hernandez

Alumna develops model for music therapy

Alaine Reschke-Hernández has been awarded the Spriestersbach Prize for her research on music therapy.
Steve Carlson

Students receive once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during pandemic

Sport and Recreation Management master's students have valuable virtual learning experience with the Chicago Blackhawks and Cedar Rapids Kernels.
Calvin Carter and Sunny Huang

Novel approach to diabetes care

Researchers use electromagnetic energy fields to safely and non-invasively manage blood sugar levels.