Articles from September 2022

Thelma Trujillo headshot

Creating Scholarship Rooted in Selfhood

For third-year English doctoral student Thelma Trujillo, the graduate student experience at the University of Iowa has helped her rethink what it means to be a scholar.
Munachim Amah

Q&A with Munachim Amah

Amah, a PhD student in the journalism and mass communication, is a recipient of the 2022 Stanley Graduate Award for International Research.
Felix Pabon-Rodriguez headshot

Modeling Limitless Diseases Through Biostatistics

Fifth-year biostatistics doctoral student Felix Pabon-Rodriguez is modeling infectious disease trajectories to provide insights into immunological responses to microbes.
Greg Nichols

Computer Science graduate reflects on dream job in Disney animation

Greg Nichols' studies gave him the foundation he needed for work in animation.