Articles from August 2012

Soto receives Spriestersbach Prize

Fabian Soto is 'the graduate student of one's career.'

Bryan Brown

Graduate student's NIH-funded research looks at children at the onset of stuttering and examines factors that contribute to recovery.

The roots of human self-awareness

UI researchers show that self-awareness is more a product of a diffuse patchwork of pathways in the brain.

Austin Ramme

Ph.D. graduate conducts interdisciplinary research with 3-D imaging aims to improve ACL knee surgeries.

Anny Dominique Curtius

UI professor looks at that Caribbean's complicated layers of culture and history in new ways.
Rengin Firat poses for the camera outside in front of some trees

Rengin Firat

Firat bridges disciplines to better understand why and how the brain divides human beings into racial categories.

Christopher Harris

An average American has played an estimated 10,000 hours of video games by the age of 21. Imagine if these human players could subconsciously solve large-scale computational problems without sacrificing their enjoyment of the game. Christopher Harris, a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Iowa’s...

Driving Technology

Behind a nondescript door in the University of Iowa’s Main Library is a portal to another dimension. Actually, it’s a driving simulator. Professor Haowei Hsieh built it with a weighted accelerator and brake pedals, a Porsche steering wheel, and three large-screen monitors displaying the details...

School of Urban and Regional Planning Dubuque Initiative

Graduate students presented final reports to the City Council detailing the results of five sustainability studies.

Kevin Chamberlain

Kevin Chamberlain’s exhibit, “Insects: A Collection in Multiple Dimensions” was personally rewarding for the artist, thanks to University of Iowa entomologists from a century ago and a group of today’s talented preschool students. Chamberlain, a third-year MFA candidate in ceramics at the...