Articles from August 2011

Kelly Arcipowski

Kelly Arcipowski

Arcipowski's research relates to the form of cancer called non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Katie DeVries Hassman

SLIS graduate student taught Information Handling, a 3-credit-hour course that introduces students to basic literacy concepts, such as understanding a university library.
Joe Eichholz

Joe Eichholz

Eichholz is developing a mathematical tool that will aid researchers who illuminate cancer cells.
JV Loperfido

J.V. Loperfido

Loperfido was awarded the Graduate Deans' Distinguished Dissertation Award in mathematical, physical sciences, and engineering.

Iowa Traumatic Brain Injury Registry

UI neuroscientists establish patient registry to study traumatic brain injuries.
Tara Fall and family

Iowa Neurological Patient Registry

Researchers in the Neuroscience Program study the brain with the help of the world-renowned Iowa Neurological Patient Registry.
Caroline Brigham

Caroline Brigham, SURP Student

Urban and Regional Planning graduate received hands-on experience in planning during her career preparation.
Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Festival

Two doctoral students have their short film selected to be shown at annual festival.
Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor

Taylor took a summer odyssey to raise money for Alzheimer's research at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Anna Kolesnikova

Ph.D. graduate expects computer-delivered grammar tutorials to have a real place in the study of second language acquisition.