Articles from July 2011

Wendy Maury

Maury researches virus and cell interactions.

Gary Frost

Frost embraces new technologies, such as ebooks.

Kevin Legge

Legge researches the delicate balance of immune function in the lungs.

David Bennett

Bennett observes how certain decisions affect the ecosystem and particular aspects of our environment.
Natalie Denburg

Natalie Denburg

Denburg researches why older adults are becoming increasingly vulnerable when making real-world decisions.

Empowering Women in Guatemala

Lauren Levy studies the effects of interpersonal violence and the importance of improving access to health care for Spanish-speaking and Latino populations in the United States.

Karen Copp

Copp works on and oversees cover art for books published by the UI Press.

Sarit Smolikove

Smolikove studies the causes of developmental disabilities and miscarriages during pregnancy.

Allison Means

Means manages the website, public relations, sales promotion, and advertising for the UI Press.

Charles Connerly

Connerly emphasizes the importance of community outreach in the graduate students' education.