Articles from November 2010

Teresa Mangum

English professor named director of the Obermann Center.

Lydia Crowe

Crowe reads manuscripts under consideration and sends out mailings for UI Press.

Brian Donovan

Donovan is the Rights and Permissions Manager for UI Press.

Kim Marra

Marris is a board member for the UI Press.

Lori Wallrath

Professor is convinced that the nucleus is the control center for the cell.

Jon Houtman

Houtman studies how signals from outside the cell cause human T cells to change their behavior.

Amy Dubinsky

Dubinsky studies the molecular and genetic factors that contribute to Huntington's Disease.

Alexey Soshnev

Soshnev examines how the genome's organization affects its function.

Phillip Lewis

Lewis became the first man in his immediate family to graduate from college, but he didn't stop there. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counseling Education at The University of Iowa in 2004.

Award Winner Diana Bryant

SROP director receives Board of Regents Staff Excellence Award for 2008-2009.