Articles from September 2010

Nick Street

Small town Iowan living his dream as a faculty member at the UI.

Padmini Srinivasan

Srinivasan has a passion for mentoring students.

Christopher Harris

Harris researches intellectual property, specifically, patent infringement involving chemical compounds.

Charisse Madlock-Brown

Ph.D. student is seeking to help medical practitioners become more efficient.
Chih-Lin Chi

Chih-Lin Chi — Health Informatics

His dissertation describes three new algorithms for constructing machine learning-based decision support systems.

Greg Esparza

Esparza is collaborating with colleagues to gain a better understanding of the human immune system in both health and disease.

Mary Wilson

Wilson's laboratory focuses on the Leishmania spp., a genus of pathogenic protozoa that cause a high burden of human disease.

Nicholas Zavazava

Immunology professor's research has a direct application to human health.

Claire Buchta

Buchta is working on the development of cellular vaccines.

Xin Hu

Hu's study received the Best Poster Award at the 22nd annual meeting of the Superfund Research Program.