The Rex Montgomery Dissertation Prize recognizes the most meritorious dissertation by a doctoral student conducting research in prevention of disease and/or the translation of research into clinical practice.

Iowa began awarding this dissertation prize in 2013.

2023 Winner

  • Alexandra Petrucci, Neuroscience
    Gordon F. Buchanan, Dissertation Advisor
    The Role of DNR Circuitry in Post-Ictal Generalized EEG Suppression, Arousal, and Seizure-Induced Mortality

2022 Winner

  • Beth Osia, Integrated Biology
    Anna Malkova, Dissertation Advisor
    Sources and Signatures of Mutagenesis in Break-Induced Replication

2021 Winner

  • Victoria Muller Ewald, Neuroscience
    Ryan LaLumiere, Dissertation Advisor
    Inhibiting Cocaine Seeking, Infralimbic Cortical Activity During Extinction Learning and Reinstatement

2020 Winner

  • Serena Banu Gumusoglu, Neuroscience
    Hanna Stevens, Dissertation Advisor
    Maternal Immune Mechanisms and Offspring Neurodevelopment

2019 Winners

  • Kevin Booth, Molecular Medicine
    Richard Smith, Dissertation Advisor
    Unraveling the Hidden Complexities of Genetic Hearing Loss
    Also CGS/UMI Outstanding Dissertation Finalist, Honorable Mention
  • Jacob Herrmann, Biomedical Engineering
    David Kaczka, Dissertation Advisor
    Frequency-Dependent Ventilation Heterogeneity in the Acutely Injured Lung

2018 Winner

  • Arianna Rigon, Neuroscience
    Melissa Duff and Michelle Voss, Dissertation Advisors
    Structural and Functional Neural Networks Underlying Facial Affect Recognition Impairment Following Traumatic Brain Injury

2017 Winners

  • Allison Cox, Genetics
    Alexander Bassuk, Dissertation Advisor
    Whole Exome Analysis of Individuals and Families with Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis (CRMO)
  • Matthew Sutterer, Neuroscience
    Matthew Howard and Daniel Tranel, Co-Dissertation Advisors
    Plasticity and Reorganization of Brain Networks Subserving Emotion and Decision-Making

2016 Winners

  • Deborah Burdsall, Nursing
    Sue E. Gardner, Dissertation Advisor
    Exploring Inappropriate Glove Use in Long Term Care
  • Ernest Chivero, Molecular & Cellular Biology
    Jack Stapleton, Dissertation Advisor
    Tropism of Human Pegivirus (formerly know as GB virus C) and Host Immunomodulation: Insights into Viral Persistence

2015 Winner

  • Sajan Lingala , Biomedical Engineering
    Mathews Jacob, Dissertation Advisor
    Novel Adaptive Reconstruction Schemes for Accelerated Myocaridal Perfusion MRI

2014 Winner

  • Laura Whitmore, Molecular & Cellular Biology
    Jessica Moreland, Dissertation Advisor
    The Roles of Neutrophil NADPH Oxidase in Resolving Systemic Inflammation

2013 Winner

  • Eliot Shearer, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
    Richard Smith, Dissertation Advisor
    Deafness in the Genomics Era