Dr. Kathryn Gerken
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Outcome Data for Teen Parents: A Longitudinal Study

In 1990-1992, our mentor Dr. Kathryn Gerken and some of her colleagues interviewed over 70 teen parents. Some had participated in intervention programs and others had not, so we will investigate to find out if there is a difference in long term outcomes between those who did participate in the intervention program and those who did not. The purpose of this study is to interview the same parents (mothers and fathers) to determine the long term effects teen parenting has had on their education, health, finances, employment, friendships, family relations, marital status, and emotional status. We will also ask questions related to the health and education of the parents' oldest child. For the first part of our study Dr. Kathryn Gerken, Shannon Hutcheson, and I have created a 185 question questionnaire which will be administered via a phone interview. In the second part of the study we will administer the Parent Stress Index, the Child Behavior Checklist, and the SCL-90-R.
Shannon  Hutcheson
Ohio State University