Dr. Barry Carter
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Participation in Medication Therapy Management is Associated With Reduced Medication Discrepancies


Community pharmacists now participate in medication therapy management (MTM) where they make recommendations to change therapy for participants at risk for medication-related problems. One such problem includes discrepancies between what patients’ say that they are taking compared with physician or pharmacy records. The purpose of this study was to evaluate if there are fewer medication discrepancies for patients recently discharged from the hospital and who receive medications from a pharmacy that participates in on the two MTM programs in Iowa. This study was a sub-analysis of an ongoing controlled study for patients hospitalized with cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease or diabetes. Data were collected from 831 patients at 30 and 90 days following discharged from the university hospital to their local community. A validated survey instrument from each community pharmacy determined if the pharmacy participated in and billed through a formal MTM program. Medication lists in medical and community pharmacy records were compared to the structured patients’ medication list at discharge. Medication discrepancies were categorized as omissions, different and extra medications: and the clinical significance was designated 1=low, 2=medium, 3=high. There were significantly fewer medication discrepancies in the regimens of patients that went to a pharmacy that participated in MTM program compared to those who received medications from pharmacies that did not participate in MTM (p=0.001). Medication changes occur during care transition such as discharge from the hospital, increasing the high risk for discrepancies, serious medication errors, and adverse effets. When pharmacies participate in an MTM program, clinically important medication discrepancies were significantly less frequent even in patients that were not necessarily eligible for one of the MTM programs.

Shanique  Powell
Florida A & M Univ