Dr. Mary Campbell
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Complications of Privilege: The Effects of Stereotype Threat on Black/White Biracial People

Stereotype threat has repeatedly been proven to effect African Americans in the academic domain, but it has not been examined for Black/white biracial individuals (Steele & Aronson, 1995). The present study assessed the effect of stereotype threat on black/white biracial individuals. A convenience sample of [25] individuals were selected using a snowball sampling method, recruiting participants through churches, various multicultural organizations, and word-of-mouth throughout Iowa City.  Five of the participants were placed in the experimental condition and four of the participants were placed in the control group; a matched-subjects design was used to assure that education level was equal across both groups.  The results indicated that stereotype threat was did not affect Biracial people, but this was due to a small sample size and too little power. 
New York University