Dr. James Hall
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Co-Occurring Psychiatric Disorder Associated with Substance Use


The purpose of this research was to find the correlation between substance use and co-occurring psychiatric issues that are associated with prolonged or severe substance use. The ideal belief is that prolonged use of any substance will result in some form of abuse or dependency. Once the substance of preference has been used for a prolonged period of time the user will start to show characteristics or meet criteria for psychiatric disorders. The findings of the study was that of the 207 participants, 62 participants (30%) met criteria for some type of substance abuse and 54 participants (26%) met criteria for some substance dependency. That gives the research an overall 56% of all participants in the study having some form of an abuse or dependency. The goal of this research is to better find the connection between substance use and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. This research will hopefully gain a better understanding of why certain people with psychiatric disorders abuse certain substances. Why certain genders have a greater chance of abusing or becoming dependent of certain drugs? Another hopeful outcome of this study will be a better way to educate youth about drugs and the harmful outcome of drugs.

Kimberly  Spearman
Dillard University