Dr. Anne Helen Skinstad
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Student Gambling at The University of Iowa

There re 16 million college students currently enrolled in four year universities. Of those 16 million, over 160,000 students will have problems due to gambling. Along with problems directly related to gambling, student gamblers re at an increased risk of developing co-occurring disorders like major depression, alcohol abuse/dependence, and anxiety. Specifically, students that are male, twenty years old, and have parents without college degrees have a greater likelihood of becoming problem gamblers. Additionally, studies have shown that binge drinking an student gambling are highly related. A binge drinking study as conducted in 2003 at Iowa to gather descriptive data on student's binge drinking habits. The results indicated that 75% of the students binge drank at least once in the past two weeks prior to taking the survey. The percentage of students who binge drink at the University of Iowa is almost the national average (44%).To survey the 797 students about gambling, 8 items were inserted into the 100 item Student Health Survey. The purpose of the study was to gather descriptive gambling data from students at the University of Iowa. This baseline assessment will be used to compare future assessments in order to find trends in student gambling.
Kevin  Montes
California State University at Dominguez Hills