Dr. Anne Skinstad
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Substance Use Disorder in Hispanic/Latina Women


Women face many challenges that influence the development of health problems such as mental disorders. Those challenges vary according to the cultural context. Hispanic/Latina women have particular challenges and needs that differ from Caucasian women, African American women and others women from different ethnicity/race. Also is important to mention the difference between men and women, even when are from the same ethnicity/ race. These differences in challenges and needs are especially relevant when working with a specific disorder. This research tries to identify the most important challenges and needs, unique to Hispanic/Latina women and the cultural context Hispanic/Latina women with substance use disorder. The objective of this research is to address those Hispanic/Latina women characteristics by adapting an existing curriculum for women populations, Healthy Women: Healthy Lives, to Hispanic/Latina women. The Healthy Women: Healthy Lives curriculum consists of ten sections, which were created to help women with substance use disorder who want to amend their life, through a holistic approach including a family wellness component. The method used for this work was mainly literature review were most of the reference are from Substance Abuse and mental Health Service Administration publications (SAMSHA) and some Databases such Psych Info. This method provided a general idea of the cultural context, the disparities between other ethnicities and other valuable information referring Hispanic/Latina women with substance abuse disorder. Development of a focus group pilot study will collect essential information for the adaptation and curriculum improvement.

Julissa  Pagan Pena
UPR @ San Juan