Dr. Amy Kristof-Brown
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Five-Factor Model of Personality and Work Engagement: A Meta-Analysis


This study will report the current status of a meta-analysis investigating the relationship between the traits of the Five-Factor Model of Personality and the various dimensions and measures of job engagement. We are searching for supportive evidence for dispositional influences on job engagement to some considerable extent. Using the model as an organizing framework, correlations from a number of independent samples were classified according to the model. Results will further indicate which dimensions of the FFM will generalize across studies and industries, regarding work engagement. As a set, the Big Five traits will likely have a moderate to strong multiple correlation with job engagement, indicating support for the validity of a dispositional source of job engagement. Based on personality, we hypothesize that employees can be predisposed to be engaged in their work, an idea that may interest organizational management everywhere.

Juan Carlos  Batarse
Rice University