Dr. Michael Lovaglia
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The Role of Identity on Social and Self Perception

The study describes how identity is a defining factor in social perception. The report addresses several concepts of stereotype formation and how it relates to identity. A person's identity is a composite of several factors. Some basic and most visible features of an individual are gender, race and skin-tone. The study is a multilevel observation of self perception and social perception using participants of various backgrounds. Properties such as the participants' skin-tone, race, ethnicity, and gender were taken into account. The first part of the study measures self-perception by how many positive affirmations the participants could list about themselves. The second part of the study tests the implicit and explicit preferences of the participants. Implicit attitudes are a measure of automatic preferences of race and skin-tone. The explicit attitudes are a measure of overt race and skin-tone preferences. The third part of the study measures the assignment of faces to gender-biased jobs and matching income. The study touches on explicit in-group favoritism, implicit attitudes, and categorization of stereotyped groups.
Dorian  Cowan
Wake Forest University