Dr. Geb Thomas
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A Design for the Integration of Sensors to a Mobile Robot

The robot “localization” problem is the challenge of accurately tracking robots’ position. When the robot rolls along a surface, wheel slip causes the uncertainty in the robot’s position to increase. The longer the path, the more the errors increase. If several robots cooperate, they may be able to use each other and natural landmarks to measure their position as they move within a region. If they accurately determine their positions as they move, they will be able to create an accurate map of the environment. This research deals with the integration of sensors for a robot exploration team. These sensors recognize natural landmarks and assist in determining the robot positions relative to these landmarks. Four sensors on each robot send out beams in a sequential fashion orchestrated by the range-finding sensor circuit. The time it takes for a beam to leave the sensor and a reflected beam to return from a landmark will provide the robot with the range. This information will be used in providing data necessary for the construction of an accurate aerial map, as well as determining each robot’s position within the region.
Chelsey  Daniels
Elizabeth City State University