Dr. Lee Anna Clark
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Personality Differences Related to Marital Status in Community and Clinical Samples

This research compares and contrasts personality differences in older and younger, single and married people, and among people of different races/ethnicities. Individuals in a university Clinical sample and a community sample completed the Schedule for Nonadaptive and Adaptive Personality (SNAP). This study examines whether unmarried individuals are higher or lower than married individuals in personality traits related to negative temperament, positive temperament, and disinhibition. Regarding race/ethnicity, we will examine whether African-Americans, Hispanic, and Native Americans have higher or lower negative temperament, positive temperament, and disinhibition traits compared to Caucasians. Furthermore, previous research has shown that personality does change with age; therefore in this study by utilizing existing data sources to identify the comparison groups for statistical analysis we will use age as a control factor when we examine whether there are personality differences between married and single individuals and between individuals of different races/ ethnicities.
Brittany  Jackson
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater