Research project title

Bioarchaeological Analyses of the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Population of Bolores, Portugal

Research description

Our project is involved in analyzing the impact of social change on the health and lives of ancient people. Excavations have been carried out at Bolores - a 4500 year burial site in Portugal - by a UI team, under the direction of Dr. Katina Lillios. The remains from Bolores are being analyzed at the University of Iowa before their eventual return to Portugal. This research will contribute to a better understanding of the history of complex societies, including their collapse. 

Undergraduate minimum qualifications

Neat penmanship, attention to detail, knowledge of Excel (or willingness to learn to work with Excel), knowledge of basic photography, reliability.

Undergraduate role

I need one or two research assistants in the summer of 2013 to help in the cleaning, labeling, and photography of ancient human remains (bones) excavated from a 4500-year-old burial site in Portugal. The undergraduate/s will work with members of the project team, including myself, and other experienced undergraduate students in the Department of Anthropology (Macbride Hall).