Section 1. Personnel Files

  1. The Employer will maintain personnel files for each graduate assistant employee. Only documents which pertain to the individual's employment and/or job performance will be included in such files. Documents which pertain only to an employee's academic progress will not be included in a personnel file.
  2. Employees will have the right to inspect their personnel files at a reasonable time and place as scheduled by the Employer. Access to personnel files will be limited to authorized representatives of the Employer, the employee, and a representative if so designated in writing by the employee.
  3. An employee shall have the right to respond to all materials contained in her/his file. Such responses shall be attached to the related report and become part of the personnel file.
  4. An employee may request in writing removal of any item in the file. Such request for removal must be received no later than ninety (90) days after placement of the item in the file. The written request shall also contain a rationale for the requested removal. If the Dean and the Provost agree, the item shall be removed from the personnel file. If the Dean and the Provost deny the request for removal, they will notify the employee in writing within thirty (30) days from the date of written request including the reason for denial.
  5. Any complaints directed toward an employee which are placed in her/his personnel file shall be promptly called to the employee's attention in writing and identified as being added to the file.
  6. The employee shall have the right to copies of contents of the file at her/his expense pursuant to 91.B1 of the Iowa Code.