The Graduate College and Departments will collaborate with University Human Resources Faculty and Staff Disability Services Office (FSDS) to administer all workplace accommodation needs (including new or ongoing health conditions) for graduate assistants. This is consistent with the process for faculty and staff employees. What this means is a graduate assistant with health condition that results in a need for time away from work -or- assistance while at work, the student and the department will work directly with a member of the FSDS team.

What you need to know:

  1. If a student reports that his/her health is impacting the ability to perform job duties, the student may need a workplace accommodation. If so, you must work with Faculty and Staff Disability Services to determine the appropriate accommodation by completing the following form found on the FSDS website:. and complete the Consult Form.
  2. If you would like a confidential conversation with the FSDS office directly to discuss the graduate assistant’s health needs, please contact an FSDS staff member at 335-2660 or email
  3. Students needing academic accommodations should apply through Student Disability Services in addition to FSDS for workplace accommodations.

The centralization of leave and disability and the involvement of FSDS will ensure that graduate assistants will be appropriately accommodated.