The terms of a collective bargaining agreement between the Board of Regents, State of Iowa and UE Local 896/COGS, the union representing graduate teaching and research assistants at the University of Iowa establish wage rates for covered employees. A description of who is included in the bargaining unit and the wage provisions for 2018-19 academic/fiscal year are listed below. Additional terms of employment representing University policy for the 2018-19 academic/fiscal year follow the section on wages.

The exclusive bargaining representative shall represent all of the employees in the bargaining unit as described in the Order of Certification by the Iowa Public Employment Relations Board, Case No. 5463, dated May 6, 1996, as follows:

Including: All currently enrolled graduate and professional students with a twenty-five percent (25%) or more appointment (i.e., teaching at least one course and/or providing service for at least 10 hours a week) employed as: Teaching Assistants (FT19), Research Assistants (FR19) or Law Research Assistants (FL19), who provide services to the University in exchange for salary compensation.

Excluding: 1. Research Assistants (FR19 or FL19) whose appointments are (a) primarily a means of financial aid which do not require the individuals to provide services to the University, or (b) which are primarily intended as learning experiences which contribute to the students' progress toward their graduate or professional program of study or (c) for which the students receive academic credit. 2. Graduate students appointed on federal training grants or federal fellowships. 3. Graduate students appointed as Fellows, (FT52), if they are not providing services as Teaching Assistants (FT19), Research Assistants (FR19 or FL19) except as provided in paragraph 1 above. 4. Other graduate students holding any University appointments not specified in the "inclusions" above 5. Employees included in any other bargaining unit. 6. Confidential or supervisory employees and all others excluded by the Act.