Section 1. Performance Expectations

At the beginning of each appointment, the supervisor shall provide the employee with their expectations for performance in the position. This shall include any expectations for effort allocation, teaching or research methods, communication requirements, and include the criteria on which any job performance evaluation will be made, as well as when such evaluation will be provided.

Section 2. Performance Evaluation

  1. The employee shall be evaluated based upon criteria related to their job performance, skills and professional development. Forms and criteria used for performance evaluations may vary by department. Each department may develop its own standard scale for evaluating employees. The evaluation form shall include an overall assessment of the employee's performance.
  2. Any evaluation shall be reviewed by the evaluator with the employee upon its completion. The employee shall sign the evaluation form to indicate that the evaluation has been discussed with the employee and that the employee has received a copy of the evaluation. Signature of the employee does not necessarily mean that the employee agrees with the evaluation. Employees shall have five (5) working days to provide a written response to or comments on their evaluations. Such response and/or comments shall be attached to the evaluation.
  3. An employee shall have the right to grieve an evaluation only if the overall assessment is less than satisfactory and such evaluation results in an adverse action by the University.