Students holding a 25% or greater teaching or research assistantship appointment will be assured a tuition scholarship. The University’s contribution towards the tuition for graduate assistants is listed below. The scholarship will be pro-rated, so that students who are registered for less than 9 s.h. will receive the appropriate percentage of full tuition according to the number of credit hours for which they are registered.

FY 2023-2024 Minimum Tuition and Mandatory Fee Scholarship/Semester

Hours Registered CLAS Rate COE Rate Mandatory Fee
1 hour $626 $738 $171.88
2 hours $1,252 $1,476 $171.88
3 hours $1,878 $2,214 $171.88
4 hours $2,504 $2,952 $258
5 hours $3,130 $3,690 $258
6 hours $3,756 $4,428 $258
7 hours $4,382 $5,166 $258
8 hours $5,008 $5,904 $258
>=9 hours $5,628 $6,639 $343.75

The tuition scholarships will be applicable only for the academic year and do not include scholarships for summer semester enrollment. The tuition scholarship is not affected by the level of appointment above 25%.


Q. What if I am initially registered for 9 s.h. and then I withdraw from a class? Will I receive the full amount or a pro-rated amount?
A. The University will credit the student's University bill in August. Therefore, graduate assistants will receive tuition credit only proportional to the number of credit hours for which they are enrolled.
Q. What if I am auditing a class? Will I receive the full tuition scholarship or a pro-rated amount?
A. Graduate Assistants will receive tuition credit only proportional to the number of credit hours for which they are enrolled.
Q. Will I receive a tuition payment for courses I take in the summer?
A. No, tuition scholarships will be assigned only for courses taken in the fall or spring semesters.
Q. What if I have two appointments whose total is greater than 25%? Will I receive two tuition scholarships?
A. No. The maximum total scholarship a student can receive from the negotiated agreement is the amount in the table above.
Q. What if I terminate my appointment after the semester begins? Will I still be eligible for this tuition scholarship?
A. No. You must be appointed as a RA/TA for the entire semester to be eligible for this tuition scholarship.
Q. What if I drop my registration during the semester?
A. You will be responsible for the tuition of the hours you drop during the semester.


Revised June 2012

Q. If a student has a 25% appointment in one department and a 25% (or any % for that matter) in another department, will the cost of the tuition scholarship be pro-rated according to % of appointment between the two departments?
A. Yes, the cost of the scholarship will be pro-rated according to the % appointment between the two departments.
Q. Who monitors multiple appointments for students to determine how much each department should pay?
A. The Graduate College will be the monitor of the graduate assistant tuition scholarship program.
Q. How and to whom do we indicate what MFK is to be charged to pay the tuition scholarship (this frequently may not be the same MFK being used to fund the assistantship appointment)?
A. Any accounting changes from the original COGS tuition scholarship will need to be processed by Graduate College staff. These requests will need to be forwarded by e-mail to and an override will be entered on MAUI.
Q. How will the tuition scholarship be paid? As part of the stipend or as a separate entry?
A. Payment will be made as a separate entry and will be credited to the student's university bill.
Q. Will there be a web program to help compute the tuition based on a student's current enrollment?
A. The contract (PDF) contains the minimum scholarships at each enrollment level (or see table above).
Q. I was not aware that because of tuition being part of the contract, we can start charging these costs to grants. I would like to know the mechanism for doing this.
A. One of the benefits for the University of this New Tuition Scholarship Policy is the ability to charge the costs of tuition to external grants and contracts that permit such costs.
Q. Will these costs be subject to F&A costs?
A. Facilities and Administrative (indirect) costs will not be assessed.
Q. How should these costs be budgeted for future projects: Scholarship, Fringe?
A. Beginning July 1, 2003, the University established a new institutional account (Iacct) 6350 with the description of "Tuition Cost." All tuition costs related to the COGS agreement will be charged to the Iacct and will be consistently applied across all funding sources.