Recommended Steps when Applying for Assistantships:

  1. Contact your academic department to learn about available GA opportunities. You may also check the Jobs@UIowa website or the Handshake website for student employment at the University of Iowa (search term = graduate).
  2. Apply for a Graduate Assistantship. Submit a resume and any other applicable materials. 
  3. Wait to hear from your academic department. Academic departments are responsible for recommending and assigning GAs, and you may receive word of an assignment from your department.
  4. Please contact your academic department regarding the status of your application.


While deadlines vary by department, the Graduate College recommends that you submit your application early. Visit your academic department for more information.

Instructions for employers using Jobs@UIowa:

In order to post a Graduate Assistant position on, go to Self Service → Human Resources Systems → Jobs@UIOWA → Manage Temporary/Other Jobs.








When an employer clicks on "Create New Ad", they would select from the dropdown menus for department and job code and fill in other information as well.

Create New Posting






For employers using Handshake:

If you already have an employer account for posting, login at:

  • If you only have a departmental account, to add postings, login using the login with email address and then login with credentials links.
  • If you have a test student/faculty account and/or a manager account and they are linked properly, then you can login by clicking on the Hawkid Login button.

 If you don’t have an employer account, you can create one here –

  • Enter your uiowa email address and create and confirm a password and click Sign Up.
  • Then add more information – name, alma mater etc.
  • Next confirm Employer Guidelines and select No to third party recruiter.
  • You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the Confirm Account button and then link to an existing account (The University of Iowa – Department of Biology) for example. You should be able to search using the keyword feature. Or create a new employer account if you can’t find your department. If creating a new employer account, be sure to use the naming convention – The University of Iowa – Department of Biology.
  • Finally, you will connect to The University of Iowa.
  • For the employer name, be sure to use this format – The University of Iowa – Department Name.
  • Posting Preferences – be sure to select Masters and/or Doctorate from the preferences. If they don’t set any criteria, their job won’t pull in the scheduled report.

If you prefer to have a Graduate Assistant post your departmental positions, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your department already has an Employer account or create one using your email address or a generic departmental email (ex: and set a password.
    1. Existing Users Log-In Here -
      (click on login with email, not the Hawkid button)
    2. New Users create an account here -
    3. You can contact the Career Center at or 319-335-1023 to check to see if there is an existing account.
  2. You can then share the generic login information with anyone who needs to post positions for your department.
  3. We ask that you do not to have Graduate students create the Employer account using their personal uiowa address because it is difficult to link their student and employer accounts and they will take the account ownership with them when they graduate, and it will be hard to switch back over to a full-time staff person.
  4. Please have the Graduate student complete FERPA training since they will have access to student application information.

Graduate Student Employment Agreement