Member Faculty Representative from Term Expires
William Doucette Pharmacy 2024
Margaret Beck Liberal Arts and Sciences 2024
Paul Hribar Business 2024
Patrick O'Shaughnessy Public Health 2024
Haifeng Qian Graduate College 2024
Eric Van Otterloo Dentistry 2024
Eloy Barragan Liberal Arts and Sciences 2025
Harleah Buck  Nursing 2025
Hans Johnson Engineering 2025
Kevin Legge (at-large member) Medicine 2025
C. Andrew Frank Medicine 2026
Denies Filios Liberal Arts and Sciences 2026
Lesa Hoffman Education 2026
Student Members Representative for: Term Expires
Hannah Nennig Physical, Mathematical & Engineering 2024
Jordan Ismail Fine Arts & Humanities 2024
Karley Monaghan (GSS President) Biological & Medical Sciences 2024
Nikki Tennessen Social Sciences & Education 2024
Ex Officio Members Department  
Amanda Thein, Chair Graduate College  
Heidi Arbisi-Kelm Graduate College  
Shelly Campo Graduate College  
Wendy Danger Graduate College  
Katie McKibben Graduate College  
Jennifer Teitle Graduate College