1. JD and Grad Combined Degree Options. At Iowa, JD students are able to pursue combined degree programs graduate programs. Cross-crediting policy allows a student to receive the JD and another graduate degree in a shorter amount of time than would be necessary if the two degrees were pursued independently.
    1. Cross-counting Maximums. There are two types of Graduate and Law combinations: Established programs are ones which have undergone formal consideration for cross-counting maximums in excess of the standard (see below). Concurrent combined programs are pairings between any graduate degree and the JD. Graduate programs in which law students have enrolled over the years include those listed below. Students pursuing these combinations may count up to 12 semester hours from the grad degree toward the JD. The number of semester hours which can be counted from the JD toward the grad degree is limited to 6 sh. Additional hours may be considered upon special request.
    2. Established combined degree options: JD (12 sh) and MHA (9 sh) (Master of Health Administration); JD (12 sh) and MPH (12 sh) (Master of Public Health); JD (12 sh) and MS (15 sh) (Master of Sciences in Urban and Regional Planning); JD (12 sh) and MPAff (Master of Public Affairs) (9 sh); JD (12sh) and SLIS MA (9 sh); JD (12 sh) and MSBA (Career) (MS in Business Analytics (Career)) (10 sh); JD (12 sh) and MSFIN (MS in Finance) (13 sh).
    3. Concurrent combined degree options, include, but are not limited to: Accounting, Art History, Communication Studies, Economics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Higher Education, History, Journalism, Library and Information Science, Political Science, and Social Work.
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