Graduate Certificate Programs reflect specialization, either within a field or in an area of study, research, or training. Some Graduate Certificate Programs may be open only to students seeking degrees in related fields; others may be offered as independent programs. Graduate Certificate Programs are designed to enhance skills, to provide professional development and career advancement opportunities, to broaden career options, and for other purposes, both for traditional, full-time students and for those with full-time employment.

Graduate Certificate Programs usually require a minimum of 15 semester hours of specified course work and a UI Cumulative GPA of 2.50. Certificate Programs may, in addition, require papers, projects, or experiential learning components designed for specific cohorts. Certificate Programs generally require two to three semesters to complete.

Examples of Graduate Certificate Programs are: Aging Studies, American Indian and Native Studies, Informatics and Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Requirements for each Graduate Certificate Program are included in The University of Iowa General Catalog.