Interdisciplinary programs

This list includes all of the graduate degrees conferred by the Graduate College. Other colleges may confer post-baccalaureate degrees; please check the website of the program in which you are interested to determine whether it confers such a degree.

Title Degrees offered Discipline
Accounting M.Ac.1 Social Sciences
Actuarial Science M.S. Physical Sciences
Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Applied Health Sciences
African American Studies Certificate Humanities
African-American World Studies M.A.* Humanities
Aging and Longevity Studies Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Agricultural Safety and Health Certificate Applied Health Sciences
American Studies M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Anatomy and Cell Biology M.S.2, Ph.D.2 Biomedical and Life Sciences
Anthropology M.A.*, Ph.D. Social Sciences
Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate Education
Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences Ph.D. Physical Sciences
Art M.A.*, M.F.A. Humanities
Art History M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Artificial Intelligence, Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Certificate Engineering
Asian Civilizations M.A.* Humanities
Astronomy M.S.* Physical Sciences
Athletic Training M.S.* Applied Health Sciences
Biochemistry M.S.*, Ph.D. Biomedical and Life Sciences
Biomedical Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D. Engineering
Biomedical Science Program M.S.*, Ph.D. Biomedical and Life Sciences
Biostatistics Certificate, M.S.*, Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Book Arts M.F.A.
Book Studies/Book Arts and Technologies Certificate Humanities
Business Administration M.A.*, Ph.D. Social Sciences
Business Analytics Certificate, M.S. Education
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D. Engineering
Chemistry M.S.*, Ph.D. Physical Sciences
Civil and Environmental Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D. Engineering
Classics M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Clinical Investigation M.S.* Applied Health Sciences
Cognitive Science of Language Certificate Applied Health Sciences
College Teaching Certificate Education
College Teaching: Biological/Life Sciences Certificate Education
College Teaching: Fine Arts and Humanities Certificate Education
College Teaching: Physical and Mathematical Sciences Certificate Education
College Teaching: Social Sciences Certificate Education
Communication Studies M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Community and Behavioral Health Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Computer Science M.C.S.1, M.S.*, Ph.D. Physical Sciences
Counselor Education M.A.*, Ph.D. Education
Creative Writing Not a degree major Humanities
Criminology Ph.D. Social Sciences
Dance M.F.A. Humanities
Dental Public Health M.S. Applied Health Sciences
Earth & Environmental Sciences M.S.*, Ph.D. Physical Sciences
Economics M.A.4, M.A.*, Ph.D. Social Sciences
Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Ed.S.1, Ed.D.1, M.A.*, Ph.D. Education
Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D. Engineering
Elementary Education M.A., Ph.D. Education
Emerging Infectious Diseases Epidemiology Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Engineering and Information Technology M.S.1 Engineering
English M.A.*, M.F.A., Ph.D. Humanities
Epidemiology M.S.*, Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Exercise Science M.S.*2 Applied Health Sciences
Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Film and Video Production M.A.*, M.F.A. Humanities
Film Studies M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Finance M.S.* Social Sciences
Free Radical and Radiation Biology M.S.*2, Ph.D.3 Biomedical and Life Sciences
French and Francophone World Studies M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies Certificate
Genetics Ph.D. Biomedical and Life Sciences
Geography M.A.*, Ph.D. Social Sciences
German M.A.*, Ph.D.2 Humanities
Global Health Studies Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Greek M.A.* Humanities
Health and Human Physiology M.S.*, Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Health Management and Policy M.H.A.1 Applied Health Sciences
Health Policy M.S.
Health Services and Policy Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Health Systems Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Healthcare Management Certificate Applied Health Sciences
History M.A.*, Ph.D. Social Sciences
Human Toxicology M.S., Ph.D. Biomedical and Life Sciences
Immunology Ph.D. Biomedical and Life Sciences
Industrial Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D. Engineering
Informatics M.S.*, Ph.D. Physical Sciences
Informatics: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Certificate Physical Sciences
Informatics: Geoinformatics Certificate Physical Sciences
Informatics: Health Informatics Certificate Physical Sciences
Informatics: Information Sciences Certificate Physical Sciences
Institutional Research and Effectiveness Certificate Education
Integrated Biology M.S.*, Ph.D. Biomedical and Life Sciences
Interdisciplinary Studies M.A.*, M.F.A., M.S.*, Ph.D.
K-12 Equity and Inclusion Certificate Education
Latin M.A.* Humanities
Library and Information Science M.A.* Humanities
Linguistics M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Literary Translation Certificate, M.F.A. Humanities
Mass Communication Ph.D. Humanities
Mathematics M.S.*, Ph.D. Physical Sciences
Mechanical Engineering M.S.*, Ph.D. Engineering
Medical Scientist Training Program Not a degree major
Microbiology M.S.*2, Ph.D. Biomedical and Life Sciences
Molecular Medicine Ph.D.3 Biomedical and Life Sciences
Molecular Physiology and Biophysics M.S.*2, Ph.D.3 Biomedical and Life Sciences
Music D.M.A., M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Native American and Indigenous Studies Certificate Humanities
Neuroscience Ph.D. Biomedical and Life Sciences
Nursing D.N.P., M.S.N.*, Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Occupational and Environmental Health M.S.*, Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Online Teaching Certificate Education
Oral Science M.S., Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Orthodontics M.S. Applied Health Sciences
Pathology M.S. Biomedical and Life Sciences
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - Acute Care Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - Primary Care Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Pharmacology M.S.*2, Ph.D.2, Ph.D.3 Biomedical and Life Sciences
Pharmacy M.S.*, Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Philosophy M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Physical Rehabilitation Science M.A.*, Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Physical Therapy D.P.T. Applied Health Sciences
Physics M.S.*, Ph.D. Physical Sciences
Planning and Public Affairs M.S.* Social Sciences
Political Science M.A.*, Ph.D. Social Sciences
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Psychological and Quantitative Foundations Ed.S.1, M.A.*, Ph.D. Education
Psychology M.A.*, Ph.D. Social Sciences
Public Affairs M.S.1 Social Sciences
Public Digital Humanities Certificate Humanities
Public Health Certificate, M.P.H.1 Applied Health Sciences
Religious Studies M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Sacred Music Certificate Humanities
Second Language Acquisition Ph.D. Humanities
Secondary Education M.A., M.A.T., Ph.D. Education
Social Work M.S.W.*, Ph.D. Social Sciences
Sociology M.A.*, Ph.D. Social Sciences
Spanish M.A.*, Ph.D. Humanities
Spanish Creative Writing M.F.A. Humanities
Special Collections Librarianship Certificate Humanities
Special Education M.A.*, Ph.D. Education
Speech and Hearing Science Ph.D. Applied Health Sciences
Speech Pathology and Audiology Au.D., M.A.* Applied Health Sciences
Sport and Recreation Management M.A.1 Applied Health Sciences
Statistics M.S.*, Ph.D. Physical Sciences
Strategic Communication M.A.1 Humanities
Sustainable Development M.S.* Social Sciences
Sustainable Water Development Certificate Engineering
Talent Development Certificate Education
Teaching and Learning M.A.*, M.A.T.1, Ph.D. Education
Theatre Arts M.F.A. Humanities
Translational and Clinical Investigation Certificate Applied Health Sciences
Transportation Planning Certificate Social Sciences

* Department offers both a program with thesis and a prescribed program without thesis.
1 Nonthesis degree.
2 Student entry suspended.
3 Entry portal only; not a degree major.