1. Marks Carrying Graduate Credit. These are A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C- and S-satisfactory.

  2. Marks Carrying No Graduate Credit. These are D+, D, D-, F, I-incomplete, AUU (audit unsuccessful), AUS (audit successful), and U-unsatisfactory.

  3. Audit. AUS is assigned when a student registered for zero credit attends as an auditor throughout the course; if the student fails to meet the instructor's auditing requirements, AUU is assigned.

  4. Incomplete. The grade of I is to be used only when a student's work during a session cannot be completed because of illness, accident, or other circumstances beyond the student's control. In registrations for thesis, research, or independent study, the S/U grades may be applied. (See next paragraph, E.) An Incomplete will automatically be converted to an F at the end of the next full semester (summer and winter sessions excluded), even if the student does not enroll after the session the I was posted.  Courses may not be repeated to remove incompletes; removal of an I is accomplished only through the completion of the specific work for which the mark is given.

  5. Thesis, Research, Readings, Independent Study, and Special Projects. Grades of S and U may be used for registrations in thesis, research, readings, independent study, and special projects. S-satisfactory means that the student receives credit for the work; U-unsatisfactory means that the student receives no credit. Neither S nor U is used in computing grade-point averages. At a later date, the instructor may change the S to a letter grade. In addition, departments may request permission from the Graduate College dean to use grades of S and U as described above for courses which, because of their special or experimental nature, are judged to be more appropriate for such grading. The type of grading system to be used in the above cases should always be mutually understood by the instructor and student.

  6. Grades of S and U may be used for courses taken by a graduate student outside the major department or interdepartmental degree program, provided that the instructor of the course and the student's departmental adviser approve the registration. Arrangements for S/U grading in these courses are accomplished by filing a card with appropriate signatures in the Registrar's Office at the time of registration, or no later than the last day of the second week of a semester or the third day of the second week of a summer session. No changes from letter grades to S/U grades or vice-versa will be allowed after these dates.

    It is not the policy of the Graduate College to abandon the traditional letter grades described in this section; however, in certain exceptional instances, departments having several areas of concentration involving widely differing types of effort may request the permission of the Graduate Council to allow students majoring in one area to register in courses in another area within the same department or program on an S/U basis. In these instances, S/U cards will be used as described in the preceding paragraph.

  7. Computed Grade-Point Average. This is based only upon graduate work grade A+ = 4.33, A = 4.00, A- = 3.67, B+ = 3.33, B = 3.00, B- = 2.67, C+ = 2.33, C = 2.00, C- = 1.67, D+ = 1.33, D = 1.00, D- = 0.67, and F = 0. Although a grade of A+ will have a value of 4.33 in computing a student's grade-point average, the cumulative average will be truncated so as not to exceed 4.00.