1. Transfer of Graduate Credit. Graduate work at other institutions will be entered on the student's Permanent Record by the Office of Admissions, and a report on this action will be sent to the student and to his or her major department. Credit for these courses toward an advanced degree at Iowa must have the approval of the major department and the dean of the Graduate College. (See Sections X. E. and XII. E. Reduction of Old Credits.) Prior to fall 2022, credit from institutions on quarter hour (QH) systems was converted to semester hours before to posting to the Permanent Record (despite the grade report label of "QH").  Beginning in fall 2022, transfer credit entered on the Permanent Record, which is labeled as quarter hours, are actual quarter hours, and have not been converted to semester hours.  The multiplier for converting quarter hours to semester hours is 1.5, i.e., to convert QH to semester hours, divide the quarter hours by 1.5.

  2. Residence Transfer Credit. After admission to a departmental program in the Graduate College, residence graduate credit from another Iowa Board of Regents university may be counted as residence credit at this institution, provided such work is acceptable to the student's major department on the basis of the department's determination of its applicability toward the degree. (See Sections X. D. and XII. C. for minimum semester hours required on campus for the master's and doctor's degrees, and Section X. E. and XII. E Reduction of Old Credits.)

  3. Graduate Credit for Veterans. Credit may be granted for studies pursued in war and military situations under such regulations as may be formulated by the national educational agencies and under such adaptations of standing rules as the Graduate Council may authorize from time to time to meet group or individual situations. The value of such credit in satisfying requirements for a degree will be determined by the major department with the approval of the dean.

  4. Withdrawal of Registration and Proportional Credit for Students Entering Military Service.

    1. Students who leave within the first six weeks of the semester receive no credit.
    2. Students who leave within the period of seven to nine weeks receive 1/2 credit.
    3. Students who leave within the period of ten to twelve weeks receive 2/3 credit.
    4. Grade reports for the 1/2- and 2/3-credit periods: (a) Instructors report grades only as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. (b) Credit is to be assigned on the basis of total registration minus thesis and seminar. (c) Courses are to be counted toward specific degree requirements only after the student returns and then only with the department's approval.
    5. Students who complete the twelfth week receive full credit.
    6. Grade reports for the full credit period: (a) Grades are to be reported only at the end of the semester. (b) Credit is to be reported in specific courses.
    7. In each instance the instructor reports the student's credit, grade and date of withdrawal. No credit is granted unless the student's work is satisfactory at the time of leaving.
    8. The amount of credit in thesis and research registration is to be reported to the registrar by individual instructors on the above basis except that less or zero credit may be assigned.