1. Purpose. The program, under the auspices of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation representing thirteen universities in the Midwest, enables a doctoral student to take advantage of special resources available on another campus but not available on his or her own campus: special course offerings, research opportunities, unique laboratories, and library collections.

  2. Procedure.

    1. A CIC Traveling Scholar first must be recommended by the scholar's own graduate adviser, who will approach an appropriate faculty member at the possible host institution in regard to a visiting arrangement.
    2. After agreement by the student's adviser and the faculty member at the host institution, graduate deans at both institutions will be fully informed by the adviser and have the power to approve or disapprove.
    3. A CIC Traveling Scholar will be registered at the home university and fees will be collected and kept by that institution.
    4. Credit for the work taken will be recorded at the home university.
    5. Those desiring additional information should inquire at the Office of the Graduate College.
  3. Conditions. CIC Traveling Scholars will normally be limited to two semesters or three quarters on another campus. Each university retains its full right to accept or reject any student who wishes to study under its auspices.