The UIPDA is the representative body for all postdocs at the University of Iowa

The Graduate College serves as the administrative home for all UI postdoctoral scholars and fellows.

The Graduate College is committed to building a vibrant postdoctoral community and to providing a professional environment that will enrich your postdoctoral experiences at Iowa. We host more than 300 postdoctoral trainees on campus annually, and we serve as a resource for postdocs, faculty mentors, departments, and colleges employing our postdoctoral network.

Various staff are available to help. Please contact us or visit us in Gilmore Hall (Room 201).

If you have HR-related needs, you can contact either HR and Finance Administrator Tanesha Herman (tanesha-herman@uiowa.edu, 335-1287) or Executive Director of Operations Donna Welter (donna-welter@uiowa.edu, 335-2145). If you need to talk about any other issue (including grievances), please contact Associate Dean Shelly Campo (shelly-campo@uiowa.edu, 335-2136) or Donna Welter (donna-welter@uiowa.edu, 335-2145).