Monday, November 8, 2010

Lydia Crowe is pursuing a master's degree in foreign language education at The University of Iowa. As an undergraduate at the UI, Crowe majored in Spanish. She has studied over six languages.

"I am focusing on Spanish because of that language's importance to our own culture," said Crowe, who teaches Spanish with the hope that by studying a language students will gain new insights about their own language and culture. "I hope I will be doing my small part to make it easier for our nation to cooperate and solve its problems without the hysteria and violence that come with the perceived threat of a 'foreign invader.'"

Crowe has embraced the many opportunities the UI has afforded her. She has a love of learning that can only be satiated with the broad interdisciplinary education offered at the UI.

In addition to her foreign language work, Crowe is helping out at the UI Press, where she does office work, reads manuscripts under consideration, sends out mailings, and does data entry.

"I'm also learning a few new skills—I've done a little bit of editing, and soon I will be leading a book launch, which is a presentation of a new book to the rest of the staff," Crowe said.