Thursday, September 30, 2010

Students come and go, but the joys of teaching and researching are ever present for Padmini Srinivasan. A professor of computer science and director of the information science informatics subtrack, Srinivasan has a passion for mentoring students. Her research group’s goal is to organize collections of text (e.g., e-mail, web pages, patents) so that the information is easy to search and use.

Through the years, Srinivasan and her students have worked on developing and testing new algorithms and also building Web-based systems to house and distribute collections of information. “I am proud of my students’ accomplishments over the two decades I have been a professor,” Srinivasan said. “I look forward to seeing more.”

One of her Srinivasan’s hobbies is writing short and somewhat biographical prose and poetry. An example of her work:

                     of my students

                     of many Moons!